Tasteful experiences
shared with colleagues
- every day!

‘Vegetarian, vegan, traditional with a twist, local and international.
Flavour drives the interest for us and our guests.’

Canteen with a stance

Food is the focal point within our canteens. The lunch we serve our guests, is to prevail as the highlight of their day.

We all love a pleasant taste experience, but especially one that is healthy and sympathetic for us, the animals and our shared planet.

Europa Canteens work continuously to put more organic meals on plates and less wasted food in the garbage bin, and have been doing so for many years. It is not only good intentions, but an inherent mindset.


Whether your company is to have a large Christmas party, team-building event, reception, regular meeting or you wish to celebrate a birthday, confirmation or anniversary we will have you covered.

Great food, baristas, wine artisans, beer brewers, DJs, or whatever you need for an experience beyond the usual, we will make it happen.

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