Walid is our highly valued driver in Gellerup. He delivers food to our customers every day, so they can enjoy a good lunch. When you meet Walid he is always smiling, ready to work and solve any challenge.

When Walid came to Denmark, he was a hardworking man with his own greengrocer business. Sadly, after a few years he was forced to close his shop, as his body gave in to the hard work and his PTSD worsened. This was a great loss for Walid and he became increasingly withdrawn and upset that he was not able to support his family. Ultimately, he sought out help from the municipality.

It is in this period of Walid’s life, that we meet him for the first time. He was part of an employment program offered by the Aarhus municipality, with the goal of obtaining a flex-job. Despite this, his joyful work ethic had dissolved, his gaze was absent and he radiated despair. But, the municipality believed in him, so when we informed them, that Europa needed a new driver, they reached out immediately. Walid showed up to the job interview and promised that he would give it a shot.


“I will give it a shot. I cannot promise that I will make it, but I will give it a shot”

That is Walid’s motto, from the very first day. While trialing his work proficiency, which led to his approval to retain a flex-job, we hired him via a social free pass. That meant, that Walid could earn a certain amount without losing his state funding. Additionally, he could choose between work tasks, as this is one of the benefits of the social free pass - to be flexible for employer as well as employee. During this period, Walid worked approximately an hour a day, where he slowly became livelier and took on more work tasks, such as washing the van, refilling gas and changing tires. and knew that if anything came up, he would make sure to fix it. It brings peace to mind being able to support your family

Det giver ro at kunne forsørge sin familie

During this process, Walid was approved to work a flex-job. It was evident that this brought him peace, as the municipality recognized that he was not able to work 37 hours a week, but instead just a couple of hours to support his family and thereby be a role model to his daughter. We at Europa, are not in doubt that we wish for Walid to stay with us for many years. He is well-liked amongst his colleagues and always solves his work tasks to his best ability. Tables have turned, and now we must remind Walid that he has to take it easy once in a while.

Mentoring those who need a helping hand

Walid is now a mentor for another man who needs help dealing with his own challenges in life. He follows Walid around during deliveries a couple of times a week, where he enjoys Walid’s company and getting out of the house. To see Walid take responsibility and share his own experiences to those in need is priceless. By this, he encourages others and makes a valuable difference in their lives, just like this job made a difference in his.

Approved for a permanent flex-job

We permanently hired Walid the 1st of October 2021, which we truly appreciate - and we are excited to have him as our driver many years to follow. His smile and work ethic inspire all of us.

//Solveig Meier-Nielsen - Head of Inclusion and Development

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