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Our coffee roastery saw the light of day in 2019 and gave us the possibility to create our own products and take full responsibility for these throughout the whole value chain. After many years of focusing much of our attention on great coffee in Café Europa 1989, we decided to open our own coffee roastery. Our coffee roastery saw the light of day in 2019 and gave us the possibility to create our own products and take full responsibility for these throughout the whole value chain.

More than just a cup of coffee

Coffee is a special type of craftmanship from the farmer who produces the green beans, to roasting the beans and last but not least the brewing process. Our focus lays in the roasting and brewing of coffee as well as the hunt for the utmost best coffee beans. Behind every product, is a great amount of time spent, as we taste the coffee several times before picking just the right bean.

Subsequently, the roasting process of the coffee must be developed and refined. This is equally a long process of tasting the coffee over and over again, to make sure we hit the right parameters, which in return trigger the right nodes to fulfill the potential of the bean. By this, we make sure that every product we launch tastes exquisite.

For us, a hot cup of coffee is not just something that supplies you with energy and tastes good. Our coffee beans have been through a long journey to ultimately become an excellent cup of coffee. We are proud to say, that we produce good coffee of the highest quality and that everyone who participates in the making of our coffee are well paid for their efforts.

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We have a social and environmental responsibility

Europa Coffee and Tea import coffee beans from many different countries, to ensure that we offer a variety of different tastes to our customers. We import our beans through partner companies, who guarantee that anyone who participates in the production of the beans are paid well for their craftmanship. Our goal is that the majority of our coffee is produced organically.

Better coffee and tea, enjoyed by more people

Our vision is, that more people should enjoy better coffee and tea. We strive to provide products that accommodate everyone, no matter their taste. Whether you like a coffee that is full-bodied with nodes of cocoa and nuts, sweet and subtle or fresh and fruity, we got it. Through our roasting we attempt to develop coffee profiles that accomplish the full potential of the coffee bean.

We take you on a journey through the coffee universe where you are able to experience new enticing taste adventures. Throughout the journey, we will guide you in brewing know-how, selecting the right coffee to accommodate your taste or if you need a complete solution consisting of coffee machines, grinders and roasted coffee beans.

Coffee for you or your company

Whether you are looking for coffee to bring home or for your company, it is important to us that we are your preferred partner on your journey to great coffee. Interested in good coffee? We have the competencies and products.

In the summer of 2020, we established a collaboration with Sigfred’s Coffee to strengthen our team in roasting coffee and coffee retail. This led to a broader selection of coffee, which supports our vision; better coffee and tea, enjoyed by more people.

4 World Championships - 3 baristas and 1 Aeropress

Located on Amagertorv, you will find Café Europa, which has always been ambitious when it comes to coffee. It all started with a visit to Oslo back in 1999 during the Norwegian barista championships. The competition came to be what we today know as the world championships in barista art. It also marked the beginning of Café Europa1989's targeted efforts to raise coffee quality to a whole new level.

The company’s interest in coffee grew as well as the passion for high quality.

Our café contiguously surrounds itself in working with coffee and in improving the quality of our served products. This resulted to two gold medals at the world championships in barista art, one in 2001 and another in 2005.

Since 2005, our passion for coffee has only grown. We opened our own coffee roastery and initiated The Nordic Barista Cup and Nordic Roaster Forum, just to mention a few of our company’s initiatives, that ultimately provides better coffee to our customers.

A strong and professional team

As mentioned, Europa Coffee and Tea started back in 2019, as to strengthen and improve the quality of our products. The roastery team is professional and experienced in roasting coffee and within the coffee industry. If you are looking for great coffee, we can assure you that you will find it by visiting Europa Coffee and Tea.

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